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Charcoal Floss Picks (pack of 18)- Wholesale Only, Contact to Purchase

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Inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, GuruNanda Products are created for users looking for clean, sustainable, all-natural products to carry and use everyday on-the-go.

Plastic Dental floss picks are so old school and of course, quite harmful for our environment. Guru Nanda is environmentally conscious and produces all-natural care products that do not lay waste to its planet. Go green and try our floss picks made from corn-starch.

Our eco friendly dental floss makes maintaining oral health a piece of cake! the durable threading of the floss makes sure the food debris is effectively removed between your teeth without breaking whilst the sleek design of the pick promotes easy access of areas that are hard to reach.


✔ Removes plaque, food debris, tartar.
✔ It helps reach hard to reach cavities in the mouth.
✔ Easy use for daily cleaning
✔ Easy to carry in bags, purse, or pockets.
✔ Easy on the gums
✔ Plastic-free
✔ Fights bacteria
✔ Minty flavor

Adult supervision recommended for children under the age of 10.

Use peppermint GuruNanda floss picks daily and keep smiling confidently! Add to cart now!

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