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Peppermint Roll On (Pack of 18)- Wholesale Only, Contact to Purchase

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About GuruNanda!

At GuruNanda, We aim to design the High-Quality products that bring calmness and cure from nature in your life! We get the scents (Lavender, Thrive, Orange, Peppermint and many more) that possess therapeutic properties and cure the stress. We elegantly design the Essential oil diffusers that bring a natural environment to your home, office, car and where you are! 

We have Different products that we extract from nature and present to you the quality you seek for! 

About Special Essential Oil Roller Set!

Premium Quality Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-on Set: AromaGuru presents you with, set of 18 Roll-ons that are easy to use, with no mess, and high-quality fragrance! Simply apply it to your temples, the back of your ears, and your pulse point!

Gentle on your skin: These Rollers are prepared to apply directly and gentle on the skin! 

Ready to wear:  Are you ready to go outside? Our roll-on is ready to bring a fresh and lively feeling around you! It is prepared of pre-diluted natural peppermint essential oil that is ready to use.  

Tested and verified: Each pack of the roller is tested and verified by the GC-MS testing third party laboratories, we ensure the quality fragrance around you!

Package includes: 1 packet of GuruNanda’s roll-ons that contain 18 rollers

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